AMCI Enhancing The Digital Power In Medical Education & Health Sector



The Easiest & Successful Platform Towards Your Dream.


Transforming Health Industry By Educating & Bringing Health Awareness.
To Bring Up Healthy Nation.


Effective Method Of Concept Visualization Towards The Medical Content Which Helps Medical Aspirants To Shape Their Knowledge Effectively.


Aiming quality assurance in Education System.
Reaching out & conceptualizing Education a Digitalized Medical Content equipped Learning Management System.


AMCI is known for its remarkable works done into continuous Medical Education, AMCI is one of its kind to introduce Stereoscopic High-Definition 3D Technology Learning Content for the Medical Education industry with the ability to run entire Academics on a Digital platform has to bring Quality Assurance in Medical Education Sector.

AMCI has set up a benchmark in the Medical and Health industry with its Digital revolutionary changes. It had a huge impact on Countries Education & the Health sector, as AMCI has taken an effort to uplifting & Developing Digital support in India's Medical Education with the sword of Technologies. AMCI products are being Designed & Developed to benefit the Medical Aspirant as well as its Country's Health Education system. With its continuous effort, many Medical Institutions have been successfully adopting a Digitalised advanced way of Teaching & Learning. AMCI MedWhiz LMS is being very Effective & Essential for Medical Aspirants.



We at AMCI define our mission to spread Education digitally with its best means of understanding doesn't matter the pattern or the distance to be Educated. countries Medical Education & Patient Education by reaching & teaching individuals digitally.



AMCI deliberately working in Empowering Medical Education and Health Education sector as AMCI believes the best knowledge-equipped Doctors & a self Medically Educated Society can bring by the Healthy Nation.

" शिक्षित भारत सक्षम भारत "


Dr. Amit Verma


"AMCI has made every effort to provide a digitized network of support for ongoing medical education. An endeavour to develop a content-rich platform with cutting-edge innovations for medical students with the greatest ease of comprehension.""

Dr. Swapna Singh


"Let's honour the best medical platform that allows you to teach and learn with just one tap. We are committed to creating an environment where medicine can be learnt and experienced without regard to time or place, with the best possible concept visualisation effect.""

Dr. Ajay Kumar Shukla


"The era of education as a 100-meter sprint is over. Now, this is more like Tour de France, which will test you throughout life. The Only way out for a current generation of students to contribute meaningfully in the future is if they become lifelong learners and master the"

Ravindra Shukla



Dr. Gargi Shukla (ADVISORY HEAD)

MD Pathology, PDCC Oncopathology, RMLIMS,Lucknow

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra (ADVISORY MEMBER)

MD Radiation Oncology,SGPGI lucknow

Dr. Shailendra Vikram (ADVISORY MEMBER)

MD Radiation Oncology, SGPGIMS Lucknow


Fellow Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore,Ex Senior consultant Eye Q Pvt. Ltd. Ex Senior resident PGIMER, NewDelhi

Dr. Anil Gangwar Patel (ADVISORY MEMBER)

MBBS GSVM MC Kanpur, MD Medicine KGMU Lucknow, DM Gastro SGPGI LUCKNOW


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